Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jessica Denise Bellamy and Amelia Blossom Pegram

Veteran’s Reward

I have served my country
Faced the enemies’ wrath
took their bullets,
risked the devastation
of roadside devices,
Now I am discarded
Wrong out
like an old dish rag.
Back home I am on duty
beneath the over pass,
my weapon, a sign
printed boldly on the torn side
of my sleeping box,
“Veteran needs your coins for food.”
I am greeted with sneers
Some coins roughly thrown
from passing cars,
the rare dollar gratefully received.
Sometimes I can buy a burger.
My shelter is the underspass,
in the rafters with the pigeons
where my presence will not scare pedestrians,
draw the police attention.
In my shelter I sleep, lulled
by the throbbing rhythm,
of the traffic pulsing above.
Here I find comfort in the best
Of my country.

- Amelia Blossom Pegram

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